I now host some of my courses at courses.christinamcolvin.com. Visit it for syllabi, course materials, as well as websites and digital projects designed by my students!

The courses I teach prioritize writing and literary analysis as a means to promote critical and ethical engagement with the world and its inhabitants. I approach teaching as a collaborative project between students and myself, and I am continuously looking for new texts, methods, and digital platforms to enhance my students’ learning experiences and to develop their skills as writers, readers, and thinkers.

My teaching portfolio, philosophy, and other teaching materials are all available upon request.

List of courses taught:

ENG 389: The Literature of Climate Change
ENG 251: American Literature, 1865 to the Present
ENG 212: Animals in Popular Literature and Culture
ENG 205: The Nature of Poetry
ENG 181: Haunted Houses in American Literature
ENG 101: Composing Animals
ENG 101: Writing with Perspective