Hello! My name is Christina M. Colvin, and I am Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Literature at Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls.

My research focuses on American literatures from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, animal studies, visual rhetoric, and the environmental humanities. My scholarship combines my interests in literary study, rhetoric, ethology, ecology, new media, and popular culture to examine discourses of species across multiple disciplines and media texts. Currently, I am exploring representations of taxidermy, species endangerment and extinction, as well as how animal deaths become meaningful and grievable during the “Anthropocene” epoch.

I am an enthusiastic instructor of literary studies and writing; the opportunity to share ideas and help students solve problems and ask questions motivates my courses. I teach broadly in American literature and culture, rhetorical analysis, introductory and advanced literary study, animal studies and the environmental humanities, research methods, as well as “traditional” and multimodal composition.


Photo credit: R. E. Burnett, © 2016
About header image: Artwork by medical specialist and artist Arie van ’t Riet; credit Arie van ’t Riet/SPL